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Month 19

March 18th, 2007 by nebulous

Great. Just one more woman driver who insists on painting her toenails while driving.

*tsht* "Headquarters? This is Eagle 1, requesting immediate extraction."

"You there, bring me some more of these cookies. You, wax my wagon. You two, fight to the death."

Kristen and I went to Vegas for a few days. Taylor's grandmothers, Wren and Nana, were kind enough to come down and watch her for us. This is basically how it went. Just outside of the frame is an empty tub of chocolate ice cream.

"No, I'm serious. Come on over. Nana and Wren went to a bar. I already ordered a keg and some applesauce."

At least they gave her some yogurt for a chaser.

Oh how cute. She's coloring.

For the most part, we've been happy with our community pool. I had excused the dead bodies until they started showing up in the kids' area.