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Month 18

March 7th, 2007 by nebulous

Just wait. This gets funny in 5...4...3...2...

After some water up her nose, she learns to stand to the side. Don't be grossed out...she just sat in a flowerbed.

Taylor and Kristen relax in the pool.

This was bound to happen once she learned to walk. We were all pretty upset the first time but Kristen and I eventually got used to it. Taylor never did.

Rocknoceros rules. This is the lead singer, Coach. Taylor is sort of a groupie.

Wow. She's beautiful, isn't she? Even when you see her at such a young stage, it's obvious that her creator had a clear plan when he designed her. Eventually I put a roof on her and painted her.

They're distracted. Now's my chance!

A scary dog wandered into our yard, so I got the hell inside as fast as I could.

Come closer, child. Look at all the wonderful toys I have. *chomp chomp*

Hey, I think I'm learning something!

This just might work!

Doh! Needs some refinement.

It absolutely does not count when they shake themselves!