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Sweet 16

March 3rd, 2007 by nebulous

C'mon out, Sammie. There's nothing to be afraid of.

It's Spring now. That means it's time to tune-up the ole' mower.

Sometimes we like to take stale bread to the park and feed the toddlers.

We were just glad she didn't get caught in that giant spider web right above her.

Sometimes she gets fussy. When that happens, you take her to the park and let her play. It seems like a hassle, but otherwise Taylor just can't deal with her.

Keep pushing, Taylor. We have to carry this all the way across the playground.

Sure, maybe we should watch out for signs of OCD, but I think it's fairly common for a toddler to vacuum all of the dirt out of a sandbox before playing in it.

I don't get it. Sure, every rabbit you've ever seen before is small and cute. So this one is enormous, scary, and makes decorations out of unborn chickens. What's the issue?

Thank goodness! We thought we had a poltergeist. So it's Taylor who has been stacking our candles, chairs, and cars.