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Month 15

September 25th, 2006 by nebulous

Sure, we could get growth hormones, but our 'Grow or Starve' system is cheaper and probably more humane.

Umm, okay. Let's try, "Taylor, don't SIT on the chair."

These eyes will break hearts, someday.

Lily, you have proven yourself valiant and brave. I now annoint you as Eater of Crickets.

*sigh* I don't have any toys.

Nice little kitty ki....ow ow ow!

Yeah, great playground, Anna. Denver blows.

While in Colorado, we visited the Garden of the Gods. You don't go to a place like that without getting all diva'd up.

Fantastic. I'll definitely be blamed for this one.

Taylor looks a little scared there. I'm sure it has nothing to do with a cat suddenly erupting out of my ear.

You know that freak-out feeling you get when you lean back in a chair and you suddenly think it's going to fall, even though it isn't? Well some people get that same feeling sitting on a dinosaur.

Uh oh. I overslept. I'd better get Taylor up before Kristen gets home. I'll just check the video monitor to make sure...oh crap, she's not there.