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Month 11

December 26th, 2005 by nebulous

You know what I hate? A pink bow. Ugh, there's one on me right now, isn't there?

Man, I hope they can't see me right now.

Okay, the leaves are raked and the yard is mowed just like you asked. When does Mom get home?

Who's genius idea was this? I like taking tape off of stuff.

*sigh* Everyday, Daddy comes in here and pulls everything out of here, leaving me to fold it all and put it back.

Taylor NEVER sleeps on us like this. All it takes is a 104-degree fever to make her all cuddly. We were at the E.R. about an hour after this.

Here she is, all better, being exploited by her parents for candy.

I know what you're thinking. That chair is way too big for her.

We learned that some ravioli is designed to be self-fed by the baby. Others are meant to be spoon-fed.