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Month 10

December 26th, 2005 by nebulous

Only one of us gets to be the cute baby today. Capeesh?

What? I'm fffine. What do you key my needs for?

VT is kicking the crap about of WVU in the background. The score ticker at the bottom shows Maryland beating UVA 24-20. All in all, this is a good picture.

Any news from the Governor?

Yeah. Nice car. It doesn't even have a bottom.

Hey, this one has a note from Mom. 'Make like a tree and...' Hey!

Taylors heads for some rest after her first day working for MSN.

Taylor, it's time for a bath. Taylor?

Our first attempt at potty-training didn't go so well. Taylor made a mess and then flushed herself down the toilet.

Look a me! I'm Elijah Wood before he grew hair on his feet!

How'd that date get on the glass?

Turtle, apple, yo-yo, lion, owl, monkey. This makes absolutely no sense, Taylor. Bad girl!

Let's see how long you can ignore me after I loosen this screw.

I might have been overreacting, but that slide was pretty fast.

It might look like I'm pretending to have dropped Taylor. What you can't see is the grizzly bear charging directly at us. I'm just trying to protect my daughter.