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Month 7

July 24th, 2005 by nebulous

See, it says here that Goldilocks was simply hungry and...okay I just realized you aren't real.

Taylor's first experience in a restaurant highchair.

Look, I'm the 2.5!

She hasn't taken an I.Q. test yet, but we've pretty much made our assessment.

Quick, climb under! I can't hold this up forever!

Yeah yeah, they're dressed alike. This is about 30 seconds before Jeff decided to poke Taylor in the eye.

This is about -3 seconds before Jeff decided to poke Taylor in the eye. It's probably an accident though. I doubt he's really after her.

Nope, he's definitely after her. She began crying at this point. Yep, Jeff picks on girls.

It might be kinda early, but I got Taylor a bike with a trailer she could pull her teddy bear in.

I call it the Taylor Trailer. I also get beat up almost everyday.

So, this babysitting thing? I'm pretty sure you're supposed to be playing with me ... or at least holding me. Can I have some clothes?

Taylor and I test out the new hammock.

Hey, I learned my first word today...it's "matricide".

Oh come on! It's been three freakin' days! I can't feel my ears!

There are some who believe that the ancient art of origami requires paper.

Wow, somebody deserves the Dad of the Year award. You dump a bottle of Dasani in the backyard and call it a pool? Even the duck has run aground in this water marvel. Good thing I'm wearing this wet suit!

Taylor, stop it right now! We'll play ghost later.

Taylor, the Padawan warrior

My attempt to scare Taylor failed, but now she's deathly afraid of orange soda.