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Month 6

June 24th, 2005 by nebulous

Suddenly she went all French on us. Next she'll be surrendering.


One of the first things we taught Taylor was how to check for lice.

He started running around screaming. We later explained that it was just a game and nobody 'had his nose'.

Look at me. I'm Elijah Wood!

Is anyone gonna push? I'll just...I guess I'll just wait here until you guys get back.

47...48...49...50. Ready or not, here I...aww, stupid crib!

Help! My house fell over!

Alcoholism is easiest to fix when it is discovered early.

Feedings just got messier.

This milk tastes funny.

I hate my new room.

This picture is here for one reason. Look at that gut! It's like pudding oozing over her pants.

What do you mean she isn't looking at the camera? Something must be distracting her.

Oh, it's that colorful windmill. Hey, she feels lighter all the sudden.

Pardon my father while he performs a rudimentary paternity test.