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Month 5

May 21st, 2005 by nebulous

Never bite the hand that feeds you.

Why no, I don't mind if you put me down. You didn't need this did you?

There's only one reason Taylor ever makes this face.

Hmm, I wonder if I can grab that sock without falling over

Woohoo! ... Doh!

Taylor, you aren't eating your bears again, are you?

According to Dr. Elmo, her tonsils were just fine.

Well Taylor, everything looks fine. If I could just get your insurance inf...AHH, MY EYEBALL!

There we go. See how much better your skin looks after applying that lotion?

Ah crap. Four months of trust down the tubes.

What are you, deaf? STOP TAKING MY PICTURE!

Kristen bought our innocent daughter a leopard-skin outfit. Maybe we should just teach her to smoke.

How the hell did I get in here?

What are you looking at?! I'll break out of here and make you eat that camera! I'm frikkin' crazy! You hear me?! Raaa!

The undersigned here-forth agrees to stop crying.

Umm, Miss? I can't feel my fingers. Miss?

And with the flip of a switch, they all learned a lesson in centrifugal force.

It's okay, Taylor, we can get your temperature from the armpit.

We made Shake'n'Bake today
"And I helped!"

Taylor, keep your fingers out of the tiger cage.

I don't understand why she won't sleep at night.

After we're done here, I need to pick up my diapers from the dry-cleaners.

Umm, where are you guys going? I guess I'll just wait here then.

She keeps all the food in her cheeks in case she gets hungry later.

It's hopeless. I've been looking for my contact for hours.