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Month 4

April 22nd, 2005 by nebulous

Bumbo! This is a bumbo seat. I have no idea where the name comes from but Taylor seems to like it. The instructions say to never place it on a raised surface...like a countertop.

...and if you put a formula in this column, it will actually calculate the deltas for us...

This is the Exersaucer. It's like 10,000 toys in one.

Nice try. There's no way I'm pulling that again.

I'm not a huge fan of this bib, but everyone else finds it hilarious. Thus I will submit to the masses and post a picture of my daughter wearing something that makes you think of a curse word.

This is Natalia. She has two distinguishing traits. The first is that she's Colombian. The second is that she hates that I always bring up the fact that she's Colombian. She's afraid I'm then going to make some silly Colombian joke. Nonsense!

She said I can't have my bottle until I name 3 birds found in the northeast.

...and the result becomes your Adjusted Gross Income. Then you flip to the next page...

The inflatable baby is the best invention ever.

The evening was gorgeous and warm so Taylor had her first experience playing outside.

This is my imaginary friend, Phil.

As I gazed up at the stars so far away, I pondered, why, why would anyone ever put me in a shirt that says 'Chunky Monkey'?

Umm, some privacy please?

Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mommy's gonna buy you a mocking...HOLY CRAP!

I decided to strangle the water monster for looking at my daughter wrong.

Daddy, when you're done folding my diapers, bring me a fresh milk...AND NO BUBBLES!

As some may know, we're selling our house. You always want to pack up all of the clutter before showing it.

Please, it's perfectly safe. Bubble-wrap is FULL of air.