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February 28th, 2005 by nebulous

Givin' Momma a little wink.

At first Taylor liked her Winnie the Pooh doll. We started to worry when she viciously ripped his scalp off and began wearing it as a hat.

Babies are small.

Her little shins are exposed to the cold. Wren would have a fit.

When cornered, candycane monsters will strike with their deadly candy shuriken.

Dear Social Services, Please send me documentation detailing what constitutes mistreatment of children. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Self, Thank you for your recent inquiry. Dressing a child as a duck and surrounding her with rubber duckies does not constitute mistreatment. However, should your wife ever go insane and try to bathe her duck-baby in an empty tub, give us a call.

Shouldn't there be a beer in the other hand?

Losers like Mozart played piano with their hands. Taylor's way beyond that.

You'd think we'd keep it cleaner around here. Let's see you clean the house and raise a baby at the same time.

I'm not sure how she figured out the remote, but we came home to find her watching Sex and the City. She seemed really mesmerized. Wait, did I say we came home? I meant that we came into the nursery from just down the hall...the safety hall. We're good parents, damnit!

K.C. becomes the first of the Boston bunch to see Taylor.

Taylor's first day in DC. I'm pretty sure this is the Capitol.

Ahh, this reminds of the first time Kristen held someone else's baby. I think it was sometime last March...or April maybe. I don't remember...sometime just before she got pregnant.

We've got 6.1 DTS with 80 inches of progressive Halo...oh yeah, Taylor's over there in the corner somewhere.

Would anyone here prefer a crib?

Okay, I swear this wasn't me. I got to work to find my lunch wrapped in a diaper. Kristen's starting to crack.

I decided to give her the 'Dad Talk'.

Mom, you're being paranoid. It's just one friend. We'll be good.

Are you sure this is how we play musical chairs? Nobody appears to be losing.

Kristen, calm down. Now start over...what do you mean you can't find Taylor?

Okay. So I sometimes put up pictures simply because they're cute. What?