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Month 2

February 13th, 2005 by nebulous

They've come up with some crazy ways to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

That rattle just said a dirty word!

You sit in that corner and think about what you did!

Was it snowing? Yes. Did we take her out in the snow? No. Did we use the weather as an excuse to put her in a snowsuit for 4 year olds? Yes. Seriously, she's completely contained in the torso of that thing.

Samson and Me, 2005

What's funny is that having his paws turned in like that means that he trusts her.

Entertain yourself. We're going to a movie.


Yes, you love your mommy. And your mommy loves you...as is illustrated by the fact that she gave you a screwdriver to play with.

Taylor seems unconcerned that her mother has fallen down the stairs.

Kristen left me home alone with Taylor for the first time today. She was all worried, but I explained that Taylor was perfectly safe with her daddy.

Kristen's still at the gym, but I've got things under control. Daddy's right here, sweetie.