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First Month

January 23rd, 2005 by nebulous

I could totally photoshop a beer into that hand

I keep that burp cloth handy in case Lily decides to produce a hairball.

After losing to Auburn, all a Hokie fan can do is sleep it off.

Taylor in her skydiving outfit

Pretty (sleepy) in pink

Doh! Fell out of the crib

Taylor's first dress

Kristen once remarked after birth how nice it was to not be carrying all that weight in front of her anymore

Kristen, you might wanna take some Zyrtec. I mean seriously, aren't you allergic to babies?

When she wouldn't stop crying, we lynched her elephant and zebra .... and the sun.

'Ew, stay 'ere and make sure she .... doesn't leave.

It started with me leaving the microwave open while heating Sammie's food. Now I have no arms and his butt is fused to my stomach.

Scuch became impatient and left once he realized she was never going to read him his favorite book.

We call this the "Cycle of Kisses"

Even I'll admit that this is a really cute picture.

My attempt to start a "Cycle of Kisses" fails miserably.

I think she's just surprised to learn that her pants are up to her armpits.

Taylor didn't enjoy her first day working the mines.

She's very good with the bath. She doesn't get upset or anything...

... at least until you start bathing her.

Once he sprays her, he's completely comfortable around her.

It looks like she's smiling, but she just has gas.

No, no, NO! What's with all the global variables? Let's try less coupling and more cohesion. Seriously, you've got JMU or UMD written all over you.


My two favorite ladies.