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Energy Food

August 24th, 2009 by nebulous

Ryan is done taking naps…sorta.

She won’t nap at the appropriate time, but this is the third day in a row that she has fallen asleep at random times and places. Maybe she has that necrolepsy.

I bet she’s not the only Ryan that’s exhausted right now.

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An Expensive Compromise

August 8th, 2009 by nebulous

Marriage is all about compromise. I know this all too well. My story takes place in November of 2008. We had been living in this house for 3 1/2 years. The surround speakers of our home theater area, while installed, had never actually been wired-in during that time. One cloudy weekend that November, I mustered the determination to end these 3.5 years of suffering. I spent the weekend running network, video, and speaker wires through the walls to enable those surround speakers and hide all of the cables that used to be ever so visible. Something else happened that November. The week AFTER I did all this work, Kristen made a suggestion. Her suggestion was to move the entire home theater system from one part of the basement to another. Of course, doing so would nullify every bit of the work I had just finished. Her reasoning was that the kids’ play area was too broken up. It was split into 2 sections. Moving the home theater would not increase their play area, but it would make it more contiguous. She said this was just a suggestion and the decision was mine.

I said “No”.

She insisted I think about it for a day.

The next day, I said “No”. She replied, “Fine”.

Three days later, after realizing that my wife had not spoken to me since “Fine”, I began to conclude that the decision was never actually mine; the suggestion never actually a suggestion. It was a wife-suggestion. The military calls these orders. My only hope was to explain my reasoning and try to get her on my side. I took various measurements of the current home theater area and measurements of the suggested area and was prepared to make my argument. When she asked “Why” a few days later, I showed how I could never fit the TV, front speakers, and subwoofer in the new area she was suggesting. With authority in my voice, I told her, “The space on that side of the basement is not right for a home theater”.

I think she was prepared for this. Looking back, she had cleverly started this conversation in our garage, directly in front of my workbench. With me standing there, surrounded by all of my power tools, the smell of sawdust and polyurethane in the air, she said “So change the space.” I was helpless. The thought of tearing down walls and rebuilding them as my own was intoxicating. It was my turn to say, “Fine”.

What followed was 6 months of work renovating our basement. While I failed completely to take any ‘before’ or ‘during’ pics, I at least took some ‘after’ pics. You will find them on a page called The Basement – Revised Edition.

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